Press Kit


Game Name: Loop da Loop

Developer: Seymour Terrier

Release date: November the 20th

Platform: iOs and Android



Language: English

Who are Moonfox Games? 

Moonfox Games is a one man army who loves video games and surfing! I started playing around with the Unity Engine so I could improve my coding skills. I was really enjoying it and thought why not actually make a game! My first game, Chopper Hero, was a much bigger game than I first anticipated ha ha. I made a lot of mistakes but it was a great learning curve. I still got a fair few downloads which was nice...


So why Loop da Loop? 

After creating Chopper Hero, I realised the game was waaaay too hard for most people. I wanted Loop da Loop to be super easy to control, fun to learn but hard to master.


Free to play? 

I wanted the game to be accessible to everyone and the easiest way to do this was to make it free! I didn’t want anyone downloading the game to be disappointed so I still used ads-in-app purchases - in a non-intrusive way - so it wouldn’t ruin the game play. You can watch an ad to earn coins or get extra lives but you are never forced to do so. 


What’s the deal with the two game modes?

Well I wanted the more casual gamer to be able to play the game wherever they left off by using Rookie mode. Championship mode is for the more hardcore players… you have to start from the level 1 every time you fail but the further you get the more rewards you’ll earn. In Rookie mode you can’t earn coins or get the highest score, but in Championship mode you can earn coins, buy cool new planes and feature in the high score leaderboard – perfect for competitive players out there! 



*Free To play, light on your wallet

*Lots of different planes to unlock

*Frequent updates and new level releases 

*Two different game modes






Screenshots and Logo: loopdaloopasset (zip file 2.4mb)