Press Kit Infection


Game Name: Infection: VR Horror

Developer: Seymour Terrier

Release date: December the 15th

Platform: Oculus Gear VR



Language: English

Who is Moonfox Games?

Moonfox Games is a one man army who loves video games and surfing! I started playing around with the Unity Engine so I could improve my coding skills. I was really enjoying it and thought why not actually make a game! My first game, Chopper Hero, was a much bigger game than I first anticipated. I made a lot of mistakes but it was a great learning curve. I then, created Loop da Loop which was a super fun plane game with the concept of making it super easy to play. I then decided to take on VR!


So why Infection: VR Horror?

I love AR & VR! I wanted to create an experience which went further than I tried before. I wanted to make a game which would embrace VR and show off the potential. I think I did a pretty good job with Infection: VR Horror.

No Controller?

I decided to launch without the controller for now as you don't need it but I will provide support for the next update as I am working to create something really exciting using the controller in Infection Chapter 2. This will help make part 2 more exciting.


*Super Immersive Environment set in a World War 2 bunker

*Free movement within the level

*High tension and scare jump moments

*Chapter 2 features will blow your mind!






Screenshots and Logo: InfectionVR_Zipfile(14mb)